Save Money and the Environment with a WSE Technologies Solar Pool Heater

Published: 26th July 2010
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Many North Americans use their pool only two months of the year because they fear high energy bills. A solar powered swimming pool heater from WSE Technologies can extend your swimsuit season to 6 months, while saving money and the environment.

Solar Pool Heating

I purchased the WSE47 system on a Friday afternoon and by Monday morning I had water at 38C flowing into my pool (of course at higher flowrates the temperature will be lower but I expect to add a degree a day to my pool). Total time spent on the system wa

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WSE47 Solar Pool Heating gives you bragging rights that you are doing your part to save the environment and putting money in your pocket," says WSE Technologies President Bill Elliot. The WSE47 is different from other solar panels. Its round tubes are optimized to catch more sun than regular flat collectors, making the panels smaller and easier to place on or near your home. Each tube contains two layers of vacuum sealed glass, allowing your panels to gather energy on cloudy days, and retain energy even at night. A solar powered heater from WSE Technologies costs only pennies a day to heat your pool. Compare that to $1.50 per day using conventional electricity. Each panel will save approximately $6,000 in energy costs over its 25 year life. That!s not bad for a $400 investment. Conventional electricity isn!t just expensive, it also has a negative impact on our environment. Using solar power to heat your pool can reduce your carbon emissions up to 27,000 tons over the life of your panels. That!s like recycling 9,000 pounds of garbage! Your pool isn!t the only part of your home that needs heat. Don!t just cover your panels for the winter and wait for spring. You can use them to heat your home or garage during the cold Canadian winter. WSE Technologies will even help you set it up. About WSE Technologies: Started in 2008, Saskatoon based WSE Technologies supplies environmentally friendly power solutions to customers across North America. WSE stands for Winning with Solar Energy, and so does owner Bill Elliot. He started working with green power solutions more than 30 years ago, and has his own solar powered cabin in Northern Saskatchewan. Whether your needs are home or business based, the knowledgeable staff of WSE Technologies can help you find the right solution at the best price. For more information on the WSE47 or WSE Technologies please visit For interview requests please contact Bill Elliott at 1-306-221-8549, or by email A range of photos are available.

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